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Our Apps

Explore the future of farming with our innovative suite of mobile apps tailored specifically for agriculture


Agro Marketplace

Discover a delightful selection of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables sourced directly from local farms and trusted suppliers, delivered right to your doorstep.

Agro Production

Agro Production is a powerful mobile application tailored to meet the specific needs of farmers, empowering them with essential tools and information to enhance production efficiency and yield quality.

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Mover Market

Mover Market is your ultimate mobile solution for efficient logistics management of fruits and vegetables, ensuring seamless transportation from farm to market.

Mover Driver

Mover Driver is a specialized mobile application that empowers drivers to facilitate seamless deliveries of farm-fresh produce between farmers and consumers.

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Pricewatch (2).png

Price Watch

Price Watch is an essential tool for staying ahead in the agricultural market. Our app delivers real-time price updates and market insights to empower informed decisions.

Agro Diser

Designed for modern retailers and merchandisers alike, our app revolutionizes how you manage and optimize your product displays and inventory.

Diser (2).png
Recovery Collection.png
Recovery Collection (2).png

Recovery Collection

Recovery Collection is your ultimate mobile solution for convenient and efficient waste collection services right at your doorstep

Recovery Home

Recovery Home is a revolutionary mobile application designed to empower homeowners with tools to manage waste effectively while earning rewards.

RecoveryHome (2).png
Pricewatch (2).png

Storage Wizard

The ultimate solution for efficient warehouse inventory management. Our app simplifies and enhances the way you track, organize, and manage stock within your storage facilities.

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