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Value Chain Solutions
for Cooperatives &
Small Farmer Organizations

Harness the power of virtual aggregation for Farmer Cooperatives &Associations
Patronize and Enjoy Farmers' Produce for Institutional Buyers and Retail Consumers

Services We Offer

Organizing Farmers

Agro-DigitalPH is a digital solution harnessing the power of social organization i.e. cooperatives, associations, or even local government units to galvanize intent and process standards.  The solution enforces consistency ensuring farmers reap the same expected results - all the time.

Virtual Aggregation

Agro-DigitalPH leverages economies of scale by consolidating demand, synchronizing production, and coordinating fulfillment.  There is indeed strength in numbers when individual farmers join hands to fulfill commitments requiring large volumes and consistent quality. 

Optimizing the Value Chain

Agro-DigitalPH provides direct access to the market, espousing fixed price, fixed term contracts that see farmers' produce through fair eyes.  Reducing instances of margin-on-margin increases farmers' revenues and, at the same time, enables consumers to enjoy better prices.


Demand Management

Capturing demand is the lifeblood of any business and Agro-DigitalPH's Commerce Portal is the farmers' window to the market and affords consumers, both institutional and retail, an opportunity to peruse through farmers' produce.  Aggregation allows cooperatives and small farmer organizations to project capability to sustainably produce at scale based on consolidated actuals and forecasted demand.

How It Works

Agro-DigitalPH aggregates groups of farmers, consolidating their assets and capabilities to enable a sustainable business. 
This is building the digital enterprise for small farmers.


Digital Settlement

Every aspect of the business lifecycle requires settlements of some sort -- be it payroll, fund transfers or payments. 

Agro-DigitalPH adopts EasyasCash as our digital currency of choice for facilitating trade between farmers, consumers, and even cooperatives or associations.  


Order Fulfillment

Produce is just produce until the consumer receives the goods and is converted into revenue.  Agro-DigitalPH matches and tracks fulfillment from farmer Purchase Orders to Delivery.  Accurate production forecasts that lead to harvests with minimal variance allows for trip planning and consolidated deliveries that drastically cut the cost of logistics. 


Production Management

At the heart of Agro-DigitalPH is our production planning, forecasting and management engine that aggregates production capacity across farmers.

Facilitating order assignments and providing farmers with harvest analytics, our digital solution caters to crop production, egg production and meat production e.g. chickens, pekin ducks, and pigs.


Ride the digital wave and be part of real change. These groups have.

We are looking for adopters!!!  Join us!  Ask us how!

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